Festivals and Leisure

150 years of open air fun, from the outdoor promenades of the Victorian era to the Moseley Folk and Jazz festivals hosted by the Park since 2006. A sonic parade featuring military bands, bicycle gymkhanas, lanterns, fireworks, Punch and Judy, and more recent recordings and reminiscences gathered at the Festivals.

The piece includes a reading of Bert Jansch’s The Black Swan by Verity Montague-Smith and the pupils of Park Hill Primary School, accompanied by our own black swans.



The cult of the  big coat

10 years in the grass
for days no sleeping
can you see me ?
A Secret call deny deny the secret code
cousins asleep in Olympic sleep
uncles pushing swings mad uncles reaching for the clouds dreaming about bolts

going to the island isolated retreat
near the steppingstones blocking dreams and TV screens
Trees with arms scooping up children
down the steps the quiet place
this is a quiet place to sit and think
every day rituals in  deep snow
not a song or a soul in a big hole
sitting with the swans in the cult of the  big coat by the lake
sublime moments
ever Little miracle dogs with phobia of water running and running and running and running
dad built a fire
a letter on the neck
sofa surfing connected with geography connected with the morning fog
Brothers and sisters in hard winters