Myths, Legends and Lies

An audio account of some of the stranger incidents reported in Moseley Park and Pool over the years. The daring thefts of jewellery from the Hall and a ventilator from the hot houses; the shooting of a swan during World War One and more recent sightings of parakeets; a fatal fall from scaffolding and a daring rescue after a fall through thin ice; and a chain of Indian pearls lost in the pool forever.



Dead parakeets in Nooses of Light

Middle aged number cruncher hunting Persian stars moving in the golden age,
Intersecting circles mausoleum reconstructions,
Born and buried in tombs of flung Stones and Nooses of Light.

The white hand of Moses holding pearls under water,
Soft tissues and living shells in minute crystalline form,
The ideal pearl dropped from the Indian sky,
Smothered and mothered by centuries of murky algae,
The pool a poor mirror of loss to the local girl adorned and crushed,
Her iridescent eyes like the interior of the shell.
Hoping the return of her dreams,
Which have no value except as curiosities.

Girl verses  Ice

Unhappy attention from fatal consequences
miraculous manners of Anxious skaters
The circling girl creaks  and cracks into 20 feet of water
Called back by the unyielding pluck of a siblings hand
his breath traverses the ice in universal pause
he counts the bubbles from her mouth
an Endless voice hooked by a ladder
13 days of memory gone
secrets from an ill mother from the heroic brother